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Three Ways to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day & your Irish Pride

Feb 24th, 2017 - Saint Patrick’s Day – or Saint Paddy’s Day, if you will – observed on March 17th, is one of the most important cultural and religious celebrations of the Irish, and the Irish diaspora.

irish-pride.jpgIt is a celebration of Ireland’s patron saint, but just as importantly, globally, it has become a symbol of Irish pride and culture. Saint Patrick’s Day is a joyous display of Irish pride, and on Saint Paddy’s Day, everyone is Irish!

This year, show off your Irish, or maybe not-so-Irish pride in the following ways:

  • Wear your Heart on your Sleeve Quite literally, show off your Irish pride –and remember, everyone is Irish on Saint Paddy’s– by donning your brightest and finest shades of green! Be loud and be proud, and show off your joy to the world!
  • Raise a Pint Guinness, commonly referred to as ‘mother’s milk in Ireland, is a staple in any Saint Paddy’s celebration. But you also cannot go wrong with a glass of Harp! Raise your glass, cheers with a resounding ‘Sláinte’ (gealic for health), and go on your merry way toward celebrating the beauty of Irish culture! Of course, you may want to hold off on the pints until after work.
  • Share a Meal Traditionally, Saint Patrick’s Day falls during Lent, a time when eating and drinking is heavily restricted in the Christian tradition. However, these restrictions are lifted for the day in honor of Ireland’s patron! So gather your friends, family, colleagues, and share great conversation over copious amounts of great food! Even better, let someone like Corporate Caterers do the cooking for you, and sit back and enjoy their steaming, mouthwatering Beef Pot Roast, and the many Guinness toasts to Saint Patrick, and everyone’s good health!



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