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The Wide-Eyed & Anxious Road Warrior – A Profile of the Serial Corporate Traveler

Jul 1st, 2016 - 49% of Wide-Eyed and Anxious Road Warriors are under the age of 34 years old, making them one of the youngest road warrior groups, and the ones that travel least. As their name implies, this group of road warriors is very prone to be anxious during their travels, and prioritize safety when traveling, over almost everything else (50%).

The Wide-Eyed & Anxious Warrior typically:

  • Takes an average of 11 trips per year, with an average length of three nights away per trip
  • Is younger than their fellow road warriors, with 89% younger than 55 years of age
  • Has less travel experience than their fellow road warriors
  • Tends to get anxious when traveling to new destinations or under new travel policies

The Wide-Eyed and Anxious Road Warriors are a contrast: 43% of them feel uncomfortable navigating around a new city, but 84% of them like to try new restaurants and discover new sights when traveling these destinations. They rely on technology to “extend their business trips for personal reasons and still keep up with their work.” While they may be uncomfortable during travel, this group is willing to try new things during travel, but may have a hard time keeping track of their travel expenses (48%) or making sure to follow their company’s travel policies (35%).

Do you identify as a Wide-Eyed & Anxious Warrior? Does business travel make you both nervous, but also excited to discover new foods and places? Corporate Caterers can take the nerves out of your travel plans while at the same time providing you with new and exciting food choices for your meetings. Give Corporate Caterers a call, or visit our web portal, and let us destress your meetings with a hearty and delicious meal that will be the perfect complement to your meetings.

Be sure to follow Corporate Caterers, and be on the look-out for the next post in the “Profile of the Serial Corporate Traveler” series: The Passionate & High Tech Road Warrior – A Profile of the Serial Corporate Traveler.

Source: Understanding Your Travel Population, BTN Group, 2015


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