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The Passionate & High Tech Road Warrior – A Profile of the Serial Corporate Traveler

Aug 6th, 2016 - 52% of Passionate & High Tech Road Warriors are under the age of 34 years old, making them among the youngest road warrior groups, and the ones that enjoy travel the most; as 97% of them believe that traveling for work makes their job “more enjoyable.”

The Passionate & High Tech Warrior typically:

  • Takes an average of 13 trips per year, with an average length of four nights away per trip.
  • Is younger than their fellow road warriors, with 91% younger than 54 years of age.
  • Is very enthusiastic about travel, and loves to do so.
  • Relies on technology to keep them in the know during their travels and connected with their loved ones.
  • Flies to their destination and is the bigger spender when it comes to business expenses during travel.
  • Relies on new technologies (like a tablet) when on the road (25%). 

Passionate & High Tech Road Warriors are real travel enthusiasts. Not only do they almost unanimously believe that traveling for work enrichens their work experience, but 95% actually chose to prolong their work trips for personal travel, while still working. These road warriors like to stay busy and active, even utilizing social networking to meet up with people while traveling (81%). Their main priority is integrating business travel into their lives, so as to avoid any disruption in their daily lives, and managing to stay entertained. 

Are you a Passionate & High Tech Road Warrior? Then not only do you enjoy travel, but are certainly, an early adopter of technology, always keeping up with the latest trends in technology and apps. Corporate Caterers’ online portal makes ordering enticing and appetizing meals for your clients a breeze, simplifying your meetings and business pitches. Their Corporate Rewards program also allows you to rack up points that can later be redeemed when placing an order. And be on the lookout for our mobile app to roll out soon, making ordering with Corporate Caterers as easy as pie – and as delicious as our gourmet cookies!

Be sure to follow Corporate Caterers, and be on the look-out for the final post in the “Profile of the Serial Corporate Traveler” series: The New Recruits, Road Warriors in the Making – A Profile of the Serial Corporate Traveler. 

Source: Understanding Your Travel Population, BTN Group, 2015



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