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How to Use Celebrations in the Work Force to Increase your Productivity

Jun 20th, 2016 - Corporate Caterers is known nationwide for corporate catering solutions that offer great food, appealing presentation, and reliable service; a reputation they have strived to earn over the past 19 years.

Corporate Caterers is known nationwide for corporate catering solutions that offer great food, appealing presentation, and reliable service; a reputation they have strived to earn over the past 19 years.  

Corporate Caterers founders, Dennis McGinley and Jim Gass take a moment to reminisce and reflect on the changing nature of the work place, the value of happy employees, and how taking the time to celebrate special observance days, only serve to strengthens your work force and increases your business' profit.  


In your opinion, why is it important to incorporate special observances such as Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc. into the work place? Whether it be for your employees or your clients. 

JG: We need to start following more tradition in the work places that we used to do in the years past. It's something the corporate world has forgotten about. You have to take care of your employees, and celebrations are the perfect way to do it. 

Celebrating Labor Day, Independence Day, anything that happens to do with your work and the people that you work with every day is really important, and that means companies need to start spending a little bit more money, doing a little bit more incentive type situations. Doing more things that make everybody in the office have a chance to kind of work as a team and do something kind of fun because, really today's modern work world we kind of forgot a lot of that and that is something twenty years ago that used to be very commonplace. I'd like to see that come back.  

gopr3151.jpgBasically, what you think is that by celebrating these events, it builds teams. What else does it do with the employees? 

JG: The comradery.  

DM: Morale. 

JG: Yeah, morale. You need to enjoy where you work, I mean, you get so much more production out of people that enjoy what they're doing.  

DM: Production, is what he is talking about. Nowadays, labor costs are super important, and one way to control your labor costs is through more productivity from your employees. How can you get more productivity? If they're happy, if they're enjoying working, if they have a good team. If you have a good team, your productivity goes up. 

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