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Food, the Work Force, & Good Ole Fashioned Americana

Jun 22nd, 2016 - The beginning of summer automatically calls to mind a few things: the sun, pools and beaches, and the Fourth of July. Corporate Caterers founders, Dennis McGinley and Jim Gass agree that the perfect way to boost employee productivity, happiness, and morale, is by doing fun things in the work force, and incentivizing employees.

The beginning of summer automatically calls to mind a few things: the sun, pools and beaches, and the Fourth of July. Corporate Caterers founders, Dennis McGinley and Jim Gass agree that the perfect way to boost employee productivity, happiness, and morale, is by doing fun things in the work force, and incentivizing employees.  

So why not take celebrate Independence Day and treat your employees (or even your clients) to a delicious meal, served with a heaping portion of some good ole fashioned Americana. 


How can you incorporate an Independence Day celebration into the work place?   

JG: Well my first thought is everybody loves to celebrate red, white and blue. I mean everybody loves to celebrate USA and the country that we stand for, so, it kind of goes hand in hand. 

So how would you incorporate it into the work place?   

JG: Think of summer menus, barbeques, cake,  

DM: Hamburgers, hot dogs, baseball, apple pie, that type of thing. 

JG: Things that you don’t get in the work place all the time, that would be great. 

DM: We did a fourth of July party last year, for 600 hundred people. And it was a bunch of different flavors of wings: teriyaki wings, and barbeque wings, and honey garlic wings, and lemon wings, so chicken wings are pretty all-American...they were really good. We did 6 different flavors; it came out really nice.

What balance of foods is ideal in order to keep people full, but focused on the conversation, presentation, etc.? 

JG: You got to kind of keep it simple in the work place. We always serve easy to eat foods, not too messy, not too heavy, a little healthy for the health conscious people, but at the same time, a little bit more flavorful. But not too heavy, not too heavy, for sure!  

Health conscious is very important nowadays, but at the same time, some people still need to actually eat a lunch, too. I think we deliver both in the same package. 

What is the ideal “American” breakfast to celebrate Independence Day? 

DM: The hamburger and hot dog menu is the most all-American thing that we do. For breakfast, pancakes.  

JG: I love the scrambled eggs breakfast that comes with French toast or waffles. I think that’s a great combination... that’s something that makes everybody happy. You have that sweet, you have that real protein with eggs and bacon, but you also have that kind of 'wow, we made it special with Belgian waffles or with French toast'.  

What is one food item that cannot be left out of a 4th of July breakfast celebration? 

JG: Apple Pie. 

DM: Watermelon. 

Conversely, what is one food item that you think is overrated for an American breakfast? 

JG: When it comes to breakfast there is nothing that is not good, I mean really. Lets just leave it there.  

If you’re looking to reward your employees or surprise your clients with an Independence Day feast, contact Corporate Caterers, and find out just why Corporate Caterers has earned their reputation for being one of the best in the business. Visit our online portal, and type in promo code "LINKEDIN" in the comments section at checkout to receive free drinks with your order!


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