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Entertaining Themes for your 2016 Holiday Party

Nov 11th, 2016 - Five Traditional and Not-So-Traditional Themes for your Holiday Party:

  1. twelve-days-of-christmas-masquerade.jpgUgly Christmas Sweater Take the stress of having to dress up away from your guests. In fact, with an ugly Christmas sweater party, you can even give a prize for looking the least put together! Ugliest sweater wins the prize!
  2. Visit to the North Pole Ask your guests to dress up as their favorite holiday character; from Rudolph to one of Santa’s elves. Make sure that even the big man himself, Santa Claus, make an appearance. Santa as a bartender serving an array of candy cane flavored drinks definitely sets a jolly mood! 
  3. Champagne Lighting Party A menorah or Christmas tree lighting party definitely kicks off the holidays on a cheerful note! Invite your guests to bring their favorite holiday treats to share their traditions with everyone invited. A fully-stocked champagne bar allows your guests to toast to the holiday season, the upcoming new year, and kick off the holiday season with a ‘cheers!’
  4. Nightmare before Christmas Take a break from traditional holiday party themes and take a cue from Tim Burton by bringing some gothic inspiration to your décor. Think brass and gold, chandeliers, and a traditional English menu. 
  5. Twelve Days of Christmas Masquerade If you want to host an extravagant and dramatic holiday party, then this is the perfect theme for you! The masks add an atmosphere of elegance and drama, and the right drink and food menu can reflect the theme perfectly: a dessert bar with turtle dove chocolate, maids serving milky cocktails, etc. all channel the theme perfectly.

From the simplest of holiday parties, to the most complex extravaganzas, the right catering partner can ensure the success of your event. Trust in Corporate Caterers to make sure your food is served without any problems and you can enjoy your own party!  


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