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Celebrating X-Ray Vision with National Radiologic Technology Week: November 6th -12th, 2016

Oct 31st, 2016 - National Radiologic Technology Week (NRTW) is an annual tradition that dates back to 1979, and ‘demonstrates the importance of medical imaging and radiation oncology.’ November 8th always falls within NRTW, to commemorate the date in 1895 when William Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray.

National Radiologic Technology Week celebrates medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals and ‘promotes the important role medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in providing quality patient care and a safe health care environment.

In celebration of NRTW and all medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals, here are some little known facts about out x-ray vision technologists and their field of medicine:

  • Radiologic Technologist: the medical personnel who perform diagnostic imaging examinations and administer radiation therapy treatments.
  • Registered radiologic technologists, R.T.s, are educated in anatomy, patient positioning, examination techniques, equipment protocols, radiation safety, radiation protection and patient care.
  •  R.T.’s must pass a national certification exam after completing their schooling.
  • An R.T. never stops learning: they must earn 24 continuing education credits every two years!
  • There are 332,755 registered radiologic technologists in the United States.
  • They conduct 78.7 million CT, 37.8 million MR, and 159.7 million x-ray procedures are conducted annually.
  • R.T.s also conduct 14.5 million nuclear medicine scans and initiate 1.2 million radiation therapy treatments each year.
  • Radiologist assistants are experienced R.T.s who have obtained additional education and certification that qualifies them to serve as radiologist extenders. They work under the supervision of a radiologist to help improve productivity and efficiency. 

beaming-with-pride.jpgThe mission of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists is to ‘advance and elevate the medical imaging and radiation therapy profession and to enhance the quality and safety of patient care.’ This year, join them in recognizing the contribution of medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals to the medical field by showing them how much they are valued. Corporate Caterers can help you do just that by providing a mouthwatering hot meal to give these professionals some much needed rest and relaxation during their hectic days, and some fuel to propel them through the rest of their day! You can never go wrong with their custom Taco Bar, a perfect fit for all techs, or some Twisted Chicken Mac and Cheese, a kicked up, gourmet twist on the original, to warm up their insides and leave them deliciously full and content for the rest of the day!


Source: The American Society of Radiologic Technologists, NRTW16_Infographic



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