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Celebrate your Favorite Physician on National Doctors’ Day on March 30th

Feb 11th, 2017 - On October 30th, 1990, President George Bush signed Public Law 101-473 into effect, designating March 30th as “National Doctors’ Day.”

its-national-doctors-day.jpgHowever, the history of National Doctors’ Day goes back much further, to 1933, when the Barrow County Alliance in Georgia, set a day aside to honor physicians, set on the anniversary of the first administration of anesthesia, by Dr. Crawford W. Long in 1842.

Nowadays, National Doctors’ Day is dedicated to publicly showing “appreciation for the role of physicians in caring for the sick, advancing medical knowledge, and promoting good health.” This March 30th, take the opportunity to express that appreciation for your favorite physician client by treating them to something special! Traditionally, the red carnation, a long-time symbol of medical science, has been associated with Doctors’ Day; “its meaning: Divine-Rejoicing-being said to have appeared on earth for the first time when Christ was born. Crown-coronation-denotes honorary distinction. Its spicy fragrance was used in seasoning dishes "to preserve the body of men, both in mind and spirit." From the juice of its petals a wine was made "that did comfort the heart of man."

However emblematic of Doctors’ Day a red carnation may be, we can also “let food be your medicine” and show your appreciation through a delicious, hearty, and health conscious meal to bolster your physician clients through their days, and, in the process, send some love to their staff as well! For example, Corporate Caterers’ Chicken and Steak Fajita combo, with juicy, marinated flank steak, fall-off-the-bone chicken, and aromatic sautéed peppers and onions is a mouthwatering, filling, and tropical meal experience that will delight your favorite physicians and make them feel well and truly appreciated!




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