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7 Catering Ideas to Try Out in 2017

Nov 28th, 2016 - 7 Catering Ideas to Try Out in 2017

  1. Hot Chocolate Bar Serve delicious hot chocolate that allows guests to top off their hot chocolate with everything from whipped cream, to cayenne pepper, to Bailey’s Irish Cream for an extra kick! 
  2. Donut Decoration Station Cookie decorating is a holiday tradition for many people, but donut decorating? That’s a new and delicious idea! Allow guests to decorate their donuts with traditional (sprinkles), out-of-the-box (captain crunch, mango), or even stuff them (guava jelly, passion fruit cheesecake stuffing)!
  3. Crawl Around the World Set up multiple bars around your event space and let your guests ‘bar crawl’ around the different bars, each serving a drink from a different culture around the world. 
  4. catering-ideas-2017.jpgRoll with It If your event is a smaller, more intimate event, then make your guests work for their meal. Hire a sushi chef to teach your guests how to properly pair and roll their own sushi, and watch the hilarity ensue! 
  5. When in Doubt, Taco it Out A taco bar is a tried and true event favorite that allows guests to customize their own tacos. However, in 2017 switch up the components of the taco bar to include ingredients that deviate from traditional Mexican spice cuisine: Korean short rib with goat cheese and caramelized onions, octopus carnitas with orange slices and crispy potatoes, buffalo gator tail, Peking duck, and chicken and waffle tacos will leave your guests surprised and their taste buds inspired.
  6. Cereal Bars Is your event going to run out the clock and last until the early morning? Then surprise your guests with some late-night/early-morning breakfast by rolling out a fully-stocked cereal bar with all of their childhood favorites to replenish the calories they burned dancing the night away. 
  7. Commitment Required When all else fails, pick an ingredient and make it the star of your event. Love chocolate? Kick off the night with chocolate martinis and chocolate milk stouts, tantalize your guests with duck and mole dumplings, chocolate chili, and cacao-glazed ribs, and send them home in a cloud of satisfaction with chocolate raspberry chia pudding and espresso drizzled with dark chocolate. 


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