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Click here to Contact us or
Call (305) 223-1230


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"Ladies! What a meal this morning!"

Thylma E.

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Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 5.00 pm

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Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Call information

North Houston Catering(713) 316-0909
Atlanta Catering(770) 649-4721
Columbus, Ohio Catering(614) 336-3222
Philadelphia Catering(610) 955-0555
Cincinnati Catering(513) 952-8100
Florence Catering(859) 657-0070
Boca Raton Catering(561) 999-0179
North Palm Beach Catering(561) 745-1222
Tampa Catering(813)397-6579
Jacksonville Catering(904) 384-6423
Miami Catering(305) 223-1230
West Palm Beach Catering(561) 999-0179
Fort Lauderdale Catering(305) 223-1230
Treasure Coast Catering(561) 745-1222
Sarasota Catering(239) 415-1236
Naples - Fort Myers Catering(239) 415-1236
Nashville Catering(615) 872-5247
Orlando Catering(888) 992-6772
Raleigh Catering(919) 781-5665
Washington DC Catering(301) 856-3051
Dallas Catering(972) 446-4727
San Antonio Catering(210) 892-8549
Charlotte Catering(980)245-2790
South Houston Catering(713) 838-7999
Phoenix Catering(480) 985-2021
Austin Catering(512) 520-0230
Denver Catering(720)612-4377
Newark Catering(302)294-1835
Milwaukee Catering(414) 220-9986
Birmingham, Alabama Catering(205) 968-1660
Chicago Catering(331) 248-0410
San Leandro Catering(510) 400-6035

Corporate Office

13335 SW 124th Street. Suite 201
Miami, Florida 33186

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Think Green

Participate in a greener lifestyle!
Help improve our environment - one day at a time We use reusable baskets, bowls, serving pieces and washable linens.

(Biodegradable guest-ware packages available)

Parties at Home

Delivers to Your Home.
Did you know; We can deliver the same wonderful meals to your home?Perhaps you are hosting a holiday meal, a baby shower; a birthday party or a clubhouse social.